Hooters hotties

So, to make the story short, the lens was dirty... it had this HUGE greasy finger print in the back crystal... *sigh*

Is that keeping me from publishing this? Of course not!

One last thing: I don't speak a word of french, so I honestly don't know what the lady is singing about, so please forgive me if the audio track seems inadequate for the footage.

Chamela 2013 in the making

Bare with me guys, bare with me.




Yes, those are stills from the video source, and yes, that is pretty much how things are going to look ;)

3 more!

There I was, killing some time going thru a stack of discs, and then bang!! Look what I found.


So, the Miss Costa Rica pageant took place a few days ago. Lots of controversy, as usual.

This time I will like to publicly object on something.

This girl, named Zelenne Gutierrez, was ranked LAST in the bikini competition. With all due respect, what the F... was wrong with the jurors that night???. Look at her! She was by far THE BEST BODY IN THE COMPETITION. PERIOD.

Reef 2013 – Wrap up

Wrapping things up, so sad.

And here is the source material of the sample video above.


Cost: $3.95
Resolution 1920x1080
Running time: almost 48 min.

Cost: $2.95
Resolution 1280x720
Running time: almost 48 min.

How does this "pay per download" thing work? Once your payment is done you will be automatically redirected to the download area, and you will also receive an email (at Paypal's registered email address) with the URL to access the files. We are talking seconds here.

The whole process is transparent to me, I see no names, no credit card info; nothing except an email address, which is stored in a database for obvious reasons.

And that is it! You will be able to download, store and play the AVI files as many times as you want, they are exactly the same type of AVIs you get to download from CRVix for free any given day.

Check your email once you are done with paypal, your user and password and download link will be there.

Entonces como es que funciona esto de pagar por los downloads? Una vez hecho el pago usted será redirigido automáticamente a la sección de descarga, además debería recibir un correo (que será enviado a su dirección registrada en Paypal) con la dirección o URL para acceder los archivos. Estamos hablando de un asunto de segundos.

Todo este proceso es transparente para mi, no veo nombres ni datos de tarjeta de crédito, nada excepto una dirección de correo que queda almacenada en una base de datos por razones obvias.

Y eso es todo! Después de eso estará en capacidad de descargar los videos, guardarlos y verlos tantas veces como quiera, porque son exactamente el mismo tipo de AVIs que usted descarga de CRVix de gratis cualquier día.

Revise su dirección de correo una vez termine con Paypal, la dirección de descarga junto con su usuario y password estarán ahí.

LD End of Summer Fashion Show / 2014 Collection

Mariana Loranca, what a goddess.

Most girls in this runway where A+, but Mariana always manage to stand slightly above the rest. IMHO.

LDbyLynda_1080.mp4, Filefactory
LDbyLynda_720.mp4, Filefactory

LDbyLynda_1080.mp4, Depositfiles
LDbyLynda_720.mp4, Depositfiles

And here is the whole thing.

Video Feed A
LDbyLynda_Total_A1_1080_thumbLDbyLynda_Total_A2_1080_thumb LDbyLynda_Total_A3_1080_thumb

Video Feed B

Feed A Running Time: 14:09
Feed B Running Time: 13:06

Both video feeds available for one single price. Both video feeds available in 720p and 1080p.
Cost: $0.20

Lots and lots of lots

Raquel Montoya + bikini, what else?

0418_H07M00_Raquel.mp4, Filefactory

0418_H07M00_Raquel.mp4, Depositfiles

Then Xiomara Aguilera, Jennifer Salazar, Gloriana Duran, etc.

0502_H06M59_Kiss.mp4, Depositfiles

0502_H06M59_Kiss.mp4, Filefactory

0509_H06M59_Giros.mp4, Depositfiles

0509_H06M59_Giros.mp4, Filefactory

Had some corruption problems with the source file of this next video (one of hard drives is gone :( ); I did my best to recover as much as I could. Here is the result.

0410_H07M00_Kiss.mp4, Depositfiles

0410_H07M00_Kiss.mp4, Filefactory

And then some files in SD (saddly).

0507_H22M33_SummerFashionShow.mp4, Depositfiles

0507_H22M33_SummerFashionShow.mp4, Filefactory

Julieth Lopez, muy guapa.

0507_H22M41_Julieth.mp4, Depositfiles

0507_H22M41_Julieth.mp4, Filefactory

0508_H22M35_Hooters.mp4, Depositfiles

0508_H22M35_Hooters.mp4, Filefactory

0421_H23M02_FiestaTV.mp4, Depositfiles

0421_H23M02_FiestaTV.mp4, Filefactory

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